Welcome to INVICTA

INVICTA is a global advisory and technical consulting group with a domain focus across financial services, fin-tech, global transportation and healthcare.


Our customers are big business, family offices and the brightest start-ups in Global Transportation, Logistics & Supply chain, Healthcare, Finance and Technology. They crave industry, operational, business, marketing, digital and tech specialists and pragmatic innovation all wrapped into one.


We deliver products and services that will simply delight.

Our Proposition

We are the team, not the consultants

INVICTA speaks the same language and feels the same pain as your staff. We are from the industry and can become a extended team to get things done.

We put customers first and avoid hype

Having worked intensively with customers, shipping companies and software providers, we bring a healthy appreciation that hype and trends can often ignore what the customer really wants and the context of the client.

We deliver value driven innovation

We know the operational challenges and can help tie a transformation program together across program management, technology, process and customers, ensuring business continuity, yet change is achieved.

We know the industry first hand

We have worked form multinationals to startups, across the globe and know first hand the pros, cons and challenges across multiple areas.

A new type of innovation

We have a rare partnership that brings together deep industry specialist with leading digital innovators and entrepreneurs. This allows us to advise, disrupt and create innovations where the real opportunities exist.

We do more than just ticking boxes

We have successfully executed more than 17 transformations and innovation projects, delivering innovation which is more than just ticking some boxes. We know how to focus on what the stuff that matters to you and your customers

Behind Your Transformation…

Ian Sehgal

Founder & CEO

James Varun Sehgal

Principal Director, Financial Markets And Regulatory

Monica Malik

Senior Program Manager

Clay Lee

Principal Consultant

Kenny Tan

Process Automation and Operational Data Solutions

Chern Wern Mah

Solutions Architect and Project Lead

Nigel Leow

Lead Supply Chain and Operational Principal

Larissa Talpash


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