The advent of cloud has made it possible for business to no longer have to commit large capital sums to owning a technology solution. There are new ways to turn all that capex in to a smaller manageable monthly OPEX. With the change comes and incredible leap forward in market and internal capability to adapt to change. No long binding contracts, utility billing, with the ability to change, modify and replace platforms and components with little impact are all compelling reasons for a business to adopt cloud technologies.

How can we help

Cloud Adoption Planning Workshop

We engage with you for 6 weeks to gather current state information and create a current state map. We then use that information to facilitate a 3 day workshop to outline the specific goals of the business, investigate the possible platforms that would facilitate reaching those goals and define a staged 24 month adoption plan that best fits the business needs.

Cloud Operations Assistance

An on going joint effort to define, plan, implement and operate in the cloud. The Invicta team is a part of your cloud strategy and operations teams working shoulder to shoulder all the way through from inception to operation in the cloud.

Cloud Native Application Development

A 12 week engagement to discover the possibilities of rapid solution design using cloud native technologies such as micro services, serverless architecture, Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Low code development. We look at how applications are currently designed, developed and implemented. We then work with your team to validate current technologies to accelerate delivery and extend capability with DevOps, Automation and Everything as Code (EaC) methodologies. We finish with a 2 day workshop to finalize and cement the strategy and Plan for your team to implement.