It does not have to be a massive investment, just the re-focusing of effort on a scheduled basis to stay ahead of the pack. At Invicta we help organizations plan, initiate and run innovation centres focused on their business.

How can we help

Hub Validation Workshop

2 Day Workshop to ascertain and define what would be the correct way to implement and run innovation for your business.

Hub Start-up

Working Side by Side for 6 weeks to discover, define and initiate an innovation hub for your business.

Innovation Hub Initiation & Operation

A defined joint initiative to create, implement and operate a dedicated innovation hub together. We work side by side with your team to provide constant management of the hub and facilities so that your team can focus on innovation with all of our resources supporting the creation of new ideas and solutions.

Innovation Thinking

3 Days of Workshops to work with teams to share idea generation and innovation development practices that create an internal framework for the team to produce, validate and test ideas in a managed way that helps deliver constant results and allows the innovation team to grow out their own innovation methodologies to produce consistent but fiscally and market valid advancement for the business.