At the crux of every business relationship is the customer. At Invicta, we take customer experience very seriously, not just your experience as our customer but also your customer’s experience. How do your customers really feel when they interact with your team members? Many businesses assume that the absence of complaints is equivalent to a happy customer; truth is, many companies simply do not know what the experience of their customers is and are often befuddled by why their customers do not stay with them. In today’s competitive landscape, you simply cannot afford to leave it to chance and pray that your customers will stick with you.


You need to craft your customer’s experience and here’s how we can help.

Customer Experience: How We Help

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Customer Journey Mapping


As a business, we are mostly caught up with what we need to do internally and at times, forget about our customer’s interaction with us. At best, we are merely guessing what the customer experiences and we also assume the exact activities they need to carry out in order to do business with us.


So how do we know what our customer thinks so we can make sure our services are aligned with their needs and expectations?


A customer journey map represents visually a customer’s interaction with you during an end-to-end business transaction. It details all of the different stages and steps plus a snapshot of how the customer thinks of each step of the way.


This visual representation is best completed with an actual interview or survey with current customers and compared with what the people within the businesses actually think.


We help you organize a workshop and walk you through a journey mapping session.

Online Lead Acquisition


How do your customers find you or why did they contact you in the first place? Most businesses do not have a real idea because many rely on existing accounts and current relationships and when new leads come calling, many fail to find out the source of the lead itself.


In today’s digital world, if you are unable to acquire new leads online and with technology, you lose your competitive edge. While deals are still closed the traditional way, we are also in a trend where businesses need to be Online simply because the customer can search and choose you or your competitor, all at a click of a mouse.


We help you not by telling you how to sell. Instead, we want to help you even before you get to the selling part. We help you define your strategy for acquiring leads online and help you build your platform to do just that.

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Customer Retention


Too often, effort and money are thrown at acquiring new customers rather than nurturing and retaining current customers. Many businesses have a short-sighted view of the profitability of repeated business from loyal customers. Think about it, the conversion rate for existing customers is 60 to 70% as compared to a very tough 5 to 20% for new customer! With those odds, wouldn’t it be ludicrous not to work hard on retaining your customers?


How can you retain your customers?


You can work on a few things such as set your expectations right from the first interaction, build trust on top of rapport, become your customer’s first point of advice, take the initiative when managing your relationship with your customer and of course, go the extra mile at every touchpoint.


We help you examine your current customer retention rate, how delighted (or not!) are your customers currently and optimize your customer journey.

Customer Segmentation


Many companies tend to lump their customers into groups of categories without really thinking of the differences in behavior of the different customers. They fail to take into account all the preferred services and products the customer seeks and the also fail to look at when does the customer spend and why. As a result of the lack of understanding, many sales opportunities get lost along the way.


Simply segmenting your current database isn’t enough, you need real insight into your customers. What drives them to buy from you? Is it price, convenience, loyalty or lack of choice? What other opportunities could you create if you were able to identify accurately the segments available to you and what they want?


We help you by segmenting your existing customer base to help you see not only current opportunities but also potential opportunities. Understanding your customer is the key to a positive customer experience.

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