We have been the trusted advisors for over 98 % of top 20 carriers, worked with over 20 shipping software and platform companies and completed over 17 shipping and supply chain transformation projects. We bring this all together with experience across hundreds of mature and emerging countries across the globe.


As industry insiders, we talk the same language and feel the same pain as you. We are unqiuely positioned to provide a team that extends your own people, allowing you to benefit from real competitor and technical insights across operations, industry software, digital innnovation and risk avoidance.
We have been executing logistics transformation for over 15 years, Our experience spans ocean transportation, container terminals, logistics, warehousing and distribution, and supply chain. We serve container shipping lines terminals, banks, portals, 3PLs, Intermediaries and importantly, your customers.
We have operated, implemented and analaysed over 20 of the main shipping software and e-commerce platforms. Whether IoT innovations or core financial systems, we know first hand the pros, cons and challenges of implementing complex systems across multiple business areas.
Having worked intensively with the end customers of liners and other transportation companies, we can put into context the needs of the customer without being blinded by hype and digital trends that can be so leading edge, they stand in the way of achieving real benefits.
We know the most complex operational challenges and how to prioritise and deliver the components that will help tie a transformation program together. We ensure the business continues whilst your imperatives for improvement and change are achieved.
We bring together leading digital innovators and entrepreneurs like Greyspace Digital. This allows us to advise, be progressive, see ahead, disrupt and create innovations where the real opportunities exist.


Business Technology

In today’s day and age, we do not need a reminder of the growing digitalisation of the world and the fact that businesses now more than ever, are playing catch-up when it comes to enterprise technology and systems. Systems and apps are used for everything we can think of, but many businesses still have a gap between aligning and integrating business processes with up-to-date systems and technology, we can help you bridge that gap.

Data optimisation

The data swamps in enterprise infrastructures grow exponentially year on year, data gets dropped in to holding pens of databases and storage mediums spread throughout the business and often gets dumped in to long term archives without being processed to really discover if it holds any value other than being a record of a working process.

Business Process Re-engineering

Business processes are typically chaotic especially when organic growths are achieved rather than strategic growths. We get it, from customer acquisition, quote to cash, procurement to cash, logistics, inventory management and many others, it is no wonder that business’ intentions for a clear and concise operational process gets lumped with the other forgotten missions and visions. Streamlining business operations is a heavy-duty battle, not only because it meant changing how the business operates but it also means changing mindset of the people involved in their current state to the mindset where change can be implemented to influence their future behaviours. Fear not, operational processes changes have been made for businesses great and small alike.

Customer Experience

 Your customer’s experience begins from the initial prospecting to acquisition plus the ongoing interactions after acquisition. How do your customers really feel when they interact with your team members? Many businesses assume that the absence of complaints is equivalent to a happy customer; truth is, many companies simply do not know what the experience of their customers is and are often befuddled by why their customers do not stay with them

Team engagement

We believe that communicating any changes to your employees is extremely important. Communications must be filtered down from the top because the continuous championing and adoption of new processes is up to the leadership team, however, the true marker of success is up to the team’s rate of adoption plus the benefits that it brings to the business.

Program Management

At Invicta, we know that it takes more than a simple plan to transform your business. Many companies make the mistake of treating digital transformation as a project and not a programme. As a result of the lack of proper programme management framework in place, there is no change whatsoever or worse, a complete programme flop