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Industry consolidation, the digital expectations of customers and increased margin pressure is leading everyone in the industry to sit up and decide how to move forward in the right way.  If you are one of the leading liners, feeders or supply chain companies across the globe, we are here to help. 


Global regulatory changes are causing challenges and new opportunities in many areas of banking. Invicta is here to work in partnership with leading financial firms to undertake business, technology and digital transformation, covering areas such as xVA Credit and Market Risk, Capital Optimisation, Collateral Optimisation, regulation and compliance-related structural changes. As former banking and financial market practitioners, with expertise in FinTech, we can realise a broad spectrum of innovations from e-banking to remittance and trade finance.

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As the global market becomes more connected and eqaulised, ealy stage companies need to bridge both western and Asian markets. The funding ecosystem has changed and with an ever increasing number of new companies entering the scene, local execution has never been so important.  With an entrepreneurial backbone, Invicta is taking a keen focus on the logistics, healthcare, FinTech and enterprise technology space.