Businesses are made of people and people work better as a team when clear objectives are communicated to them. Often, businesses implement new initiatives, systems or processes expecting these things to radically change the business and expecting a massive ROI and what happens? Absolutely nothing. At best, they ignore it and at worst, they abhor the new system/process and an air of mistrust develops around this new implementation. At Invicta, we believe that communicating any changes to your employees is extremely important. Communications must be filtered down from the top because the continuous championing and adoption of new processes is up to the leadership team, however the true marker of success is up to the team’s rate of adoption plus the benefits that it brings to the business.


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Team Communication Strategy


Whenever a new project is initiated or new consultants brought in, many employees in most companies tend to resist or barely engage with the initiative. The reason for this simple, most people are resistant to change till they are able to understand and relate to the benefits created by the change. Most system and process changes are brought about by necessity to keep up with the times, the customer’s needs and the potential for growth. Yet, most companies do not communicate this to their employees and instead most employees are simply told that there’s a new system/process implemented and that they should follow it just because. The basic human nature that calls for rebellion due to lack of understanding kicks in and you get very little buy in from employees. So how can you solve this?

At Invicta, we can help you solve this by working with you to come up with a strategy in how you can communicate the new change, the reasons behind it and the benefits of the change.

On-going Programme & Change management


Once the consultants leave or the champion/sponsor of the initiative moves on, what happens to the newly implemented programme or projects? As you can imagine, many new initiatives and systems are often thrown by the wayside once the initial furor wears out. Programmes are not simply projects that suddenly end one day, it usually takes an extended period of time for it be a successful programme. Sadly, many businesses do not invest in enough resources or put in place enough controls for the programme to succeed. In order to make sure that there is a continuous engagement from employees, businesses must treat team engagement as an ongoing programme and change management simply because the employees cannot be expected to change and adapt within a short period of time.

At Invicta, we can help you by first making sure that the programme objectives first defined from the start of the engagement is met, making sure that the control structure of the programme is put in place and making sure that the sponsor is well equipped to continue the ongoing management of the programme.

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Shared Purpose(knowing your why)


Any company’s mission and vision statements are undoubtedly important for the company employees to know what exactly they do and what they are aiming for. How about a shared purpose for a new programme? At Invicta, we believe that purpose is so much more than knowing what you do as a business. It is going back to the basics, the benefits that your business or the change you are implementing truly provides for your customers. Not just a goal, not simply a mission but a company’s true purpose for even starting the new programme initiative in the first place. A shared purpose in a company is a springboard, a starting point towards a unified team effort towards something bigger than their individual selves.

Crafting a purpose is not a branding process, it should be a business effort crafted right at the beginning of any programme engagement. and we can help you craft this purpose and communicate it as well.

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