Who We Are

INVICTA GLOBAL is an advisory firm that specialises in identifying and resolving clients’ most difficult supply chain, logistics, and transport issue. Our diverse and nimble team of business, digital, operational, and innovation experts combines a client’s industrial knowledge with a consultant’s skills and the latest technological advancements to deliver specialised solutions that help our clients achieve their key business objectives. INVICTA’s main offices are in Hong Kong, Singapore, and London, UK.

Our Mission

To be the long-term trusted advisor to whom businesses turn to resolve their most challenging supply chain, logistics, and transport issues.

Our Vision

INVICTA’s team of experts challenge the status quo and deliver tailored solutions that resolve identified issues, improve business operations, and achieve organisational goals for the long-term.


– Deliver customised solutions that resolve our client’s most difficult problems and strengthen their digital and business capabilities.


– Support our client’s organisational evolution from problem identification to solution implementation.


Build partnerships that modernise our client’s business operations making them more efficient for the long term.

What INVICTA Brings To The Table

Invicta Digital Transformation Singapore

We Know Business

We’re not just consultants.  We are from the industry. We’ve worked in logistics. We’ve managed supply chains. We’ve owned and worked in businesses – from multinationals to start ups – around the world. INVICTA has a nimble and diverse team of business, operational, digital and innovation experts who can recognise and help solve the most difficult issues faced by companies.

Invicta Digital Transformation Singapore

We Understand Business Needs

INVICTA supports clients by identifying their greatest challenges and implementing solutions including digital transformation, process modernisation, revenue diversification efforts, improving customer experience, etc.  We know how to focus on the stuff that matters to you and helps you win customers

Invicta Digital Transformation Singapore

We Have a Deep Partner Network

We’re clever and all that, but what differentiates us from other advisory groups is that we seek out partnerships with industry specialists, leading digital innovators, and entrepreneurs who specialise in your business needs. This allows us to select platform, software, application, and other technology partners that enable solutions to solve your company’s specific challenges.

Invicta Digital Transformation Singapore

We Identify an Approach and a Solution That is Right for Your Company

Every copany has a unique culture and its own challenges, so INVICTA tailors its problem-solving approach specifically to each client.  Your goals are our goals.  We don’t argue; we question.  And unlike most consultants, we don’t offer you a cookie-cutter solution that everyone else is doing right now.  We address your specific issues and stay with you throughout the entire process: from problem identification to solution implementation.

Invicta Digital Transformation Singapore

Why Clients Call INVICTA?  (We Actually Asked!!)

Clients said that they called INVICTA when the faced a challenge they couldn’t resolve internally.  When divisions had disputes about how to move something forward that simply couldn’t be moved. 


Clients call INVICTA when they face their most difficult, most impossible challenges – and we’ll partner with you, from discovery to implementation, and beyond.