Data is generated every time we create a word document, fill in a form to process a customer order or send an email. All those sources could contain information with the potential to:

  • create revenue,
  • transform the business,
  • detect security threats to the business.

The data swamps in enterprise infrastructures grow exponentially year on year, data gets dropped in to holding pens of databases and storage mediums spread throughout the business and often gets dumped in to long term archives without being processed to really discover if it holds any value other than being a record of a working process.
Yet, even as businesses barely cope with the amount of data they generate, there is an ever pressing need for business intelligence that can only come from the analysis of this same set of data.



Many businesses now are simply ill equipped to deal with data intelligence and everything surrounding it. This is where we come in.

Business Intelligence & Analytics: How We Help

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Business Intelligence (BI)

Businesses these days seem to do more reporting than anything else. These reports are derived from the massive amounts of data generated within the business. Yet, with all the reporting being done, these businesses are still struggling to find the true intelligence of all of these data and reports. Many businesses seem to think that business intelligence is simply about reporting.

In reality, business intelligence is much, much more.

Business intelligence is the reporting of the history and current happenings of a business. From this set of intelligence, people are provided with means of gaining insight from the data analysed, it also allows people to see trends.

We help you identify gaps in your current data intelligence, implement BI analytics tools or dashboards and ensure that you are equipped to turn your data into intelligence.

Data Analytics


If business intelligence is about seeing the what was and is, data analytics is about seeing the why, the what if and the what could be.


  • Descriptive analytics:  Tracks key performance indicators to understand the present state of a business,
  • Diagnostic analytics: Tells you the why behind events,
  • Predictive analytics: Analyzes trend data to assess the likelihood of future outcomes; and
  • Prescriptive analytics: Uses past performance to generate recommendations on handling similar situations in the future.

We help you understand how business trends and forecasting works.

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Data Governance Policy Singapore Invicta

Data Governance Policy


How do you know whether a piece of data is submitted accurately and stored in the right location?

A data governance policy is required to make sure that organisational data is accurate, consistent, secure and accessible within the company. This works as a framework for data governance and stipulates the responsible party or parties depending on situations and it also governs the procedures used to generate and manage it.

We create your data governance policy guideline together with your leadership team as well as cross-functional stakeholders.

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