Nigel Leow

Lead Supply Chain and Operational Principal

Nigel brings the team a human-approach to technological innovations. By managing the interactions between humans and technological protocols, he has developed inventory management systems with a proven 0% error rate.


Outside of Invicta, Nigel is all about Digital Currencies, ICO, Token Sale, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Cryptofunds and serves as the Managing Partner at Ampere Capital. Prior to Invicta, Nigel served as a Company Director in Compass Wool Processors (CWP), a central processing hub for the global wool industry. He managed the financial life of the organisation, cash flow management, budgeting, capital investment planning, conducted internal audits and managed over USD 500 million worth of customer assets. Prior to this, he was a Production and Quality Manager where he deepened his expertise in building production planning and quality control systems and lean manufacturing.


Nigel holds a Finance and Accounting degree from University of Sydney.