Principal Director, Financial Markets And Regulatory: James Varun Sehgal

James Varun Sehgal Invicta

James is Principal Director of Invicta.


James specializes in xVA Portfolio Management, Risk Management (Market and Credit), Basel III Regulation, IFRS 9, Capital Optimization, Documentation, Risk Policy & Control and Governance. James has been working in the financial services industry for almost 19 years across 3 continents. He has diverse experience in front office portfolio management, desk head, Risk Control & Policy, Regulation Strategy at leading, UK, Dutch and Canadian financial institutions.


In his last role he worked in Singapore for a UK global bank where he was Managing Director and Asia Pacific Head of xVA for more than 5 years. Before that he was based in London and North America where he held senior roles in CVA, Market Risk and portfolio management. He is also the co-author of the PRIMA Handbook on Counterparty Rish & CVA.