Digital Transformation: Common Challenges Faced by SMEs 

IT limitations from legacy architectures


Challenges in upskilling or reskilling existing staffs


Limited in-house digital skills


High investment cost


Don’t know where to start / which technology to implement


A big part of digital transformation is automation. When implemented correctly, automation is a cost-effective, transformational process that improves business productivity.


Let us ease your journey by applying the MCF grant for you. 

MPA Maritime Cluster Fund (MCF)


Effective from 1 May 2020 to 30 June 2021, qualifying projects will receive up to 90% of co-funding from MPA.

We Walk Your Journey With You

We aren’t just consultants.  We learn your processes and provide recommendations for your digital transformation, and help you implement the solutions in your organisation.  We help educate and empower your employees through knowledge transfer.

Moving Forward

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