Invicta Digital Transformation Singapore

Harness the Power of Data with Tableau and INVICTA

Some of our clients, particularly those in the transportation and logistics industry, have a huge amount of data but need assistance with harnessing, effective data analysis and interpretation. Tableau is one of the most user-friendly, low-code business intelligence and data visualisation software at the top of popularity scores in the market. The platform is able to turn vast amounts of raw data from a variety of sources – such as spreadsheets, text files, or PDFs – into interactive and eye-catching charts, graphs, or heat maps that can be easily pulled into dashboards or presentations. In addition to Tableau’s drag-and-drop features, our clients appreciate Tableau as it allows for increased collaboration and real-time analysis of their data.



INVICTA aims to provide clients with the fastest, most effective digitalisation solutions, so we leverage Tableau software to organise, visualise, analyse, and connect data points to help manage operations across trucking, freight, delivery, marine shipping, and pricing, making the customer experience cohesive and efficient.